Stainless Steel Sinks

Our sinks are built to last in durability as much as beauty. Being 100% authentic stainless steel, you can expect no chance of corrosion or rust. This means kitchens can maintain a desirable level of elegance without ever concerning a need for replacements. Comes in many popularly demanded sizes, these stainless steel sinks will seemlessly fit and blend into your favorite kitchen layouts. With noise-dampening padding layered all over the bottom of our sinks, you can be sure that the design of our sinks is preferred by installers and homeowners alike. All of our sinks are designed to have rounded corners for ease of maintenance and cleaning. They are all 18 gauge as we believe it offers the best combination in affordability as well as quality. Unlike most competitors, our sinks are made in South Korea and imported factory direct to ensure our dealers are getting only freshly produced sinks with high-grade quality materials.