Shaker Style

The Shaker style cabinet is our most desired style of cabinet and has become extremely trendy in America. Our take on the Shaker style cabinet is comprised of a five-piece door/drawer with a recessed center panel and a back-raised center panel. Older Shaker styles are made with seams on the Shaker frame of the cabinet door, which may appear as parallel indented lines. The older Shaker style cabinets may also have straight-edges between the Shaker frame and the center panel; this can make it difficult to clean and remove dust from the gaps created by a straight-edged Shaker style.

The new Shaker style cabinets, such as the ones available in the Cambridge Cabinetry collection, are made without the seams (indented lines) and are made with beautiful beveled-edges between the Shaker frame and the center panel. Beveled-edges may appear as “slanted ramps,” which make it easier for homeowners to clean and remove dust from the cabinet doors. The glossy paint used on our Shaker style cabinets (as described below) also allows interior lighting to bounce off the beveled-edges, adding a shine to our Shaker Style Cabinets.

Our Shaker Snow White cabinet is the most popular model; however, our shaker style cabinets also come in a beautiful Pearl Grey and Mocha Espresso finish.Cambridge cabinets are finished with oil-based paint with a sheen level of 25-30 creating a glossiness level that is in between an eggshell and satin finish.

Most sizes are made available for both kitchens and vanities (vanity).

COLOR DISCLAIMER: All dark-colored cabinets have went through a color “staining” method in order to show its natural wood grains. All light-colored cabinet doors were finished with a “MDF” center panel to prevent cracks that may be caused by morphing, which can be caused by changes in temperature.