Why the Right Hue Matters for Kitchen Cabinets

While you might like the minimalist approach many modern interior designers have taken nowadays, it’s not necessary that you follow in their footsteps. Why the Right Hue Matters for Kitchen Cabinets

Keep in mind that your kitchen is the focal point of your home. Its primary purpose is to welcome all those seeking comfort and happiness (in the form of food, of course!) So why not make the right decision and make it worth the love it needs? We’re not asking for a whole kitchen makeover. All you need is the right color to reflect your expectations, and your kitchen will indeed, become the heart of your loving home.

Which Color Should You Choose?

The color or hue of your kitchen cabinets represents the sense of feeling you want the room to exude. If you have a completely white kitchen with white kitchen cabinets, the pristine minimal look might not seem as welcoming. But if you combine the stark whiteness with stained solid wood cabinets, you’ll have the perfect balance of color to make the room look welcoming. To choose the best hue, here’s what you need to do.
  • Find Inspiration from Your Surroundings – A rug, an accessory or even a fabric that is just right – there are many things you can draw inspiration from for your kitchen. Use your appliances to guide you. Look around for cabinet colors that complement their look and narrow down your choices.
  • Choose a Favorite – You can browse through our selection of kitchen cabinet colors to find the best hue. Use your favorite color choices as a guide. Many suppliers offer product samples. Take three samples and use them as indicators of the best color that would go with the overall theme of your kitchen and home.
  • Prep Your Kitchen –If you’re buying your solid wood cabinets for your kitchen from us, keep in mind that you’ll be receiving high quality products. Prepare your kitchen accordingly so nothing looks out of place.

Tips on Balancing Your Kitchen Theme

Tips on Balancing Your Kitchen Theme

Now that you know the best way to choose the right hue, here are some style tips that may come in handy.

  • Contrast your kitchen cabinets with the overall palette in the room to give it a bit of flair. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with vibrant and colorful kitchen cabinetry.
  • Try two colors of kitchen cabinets. Contrast a single vibrant color with a neutral shade. Though, if you’re afraid to choose a bold shade, choose two shades of the same color scheme.
  • Don’t be worried about maintenance. If your cabinet finishing becomes distressed overtime, that would still add a warm, bright touch to the elegance of the solid wood.

Buy From Us!

As purveyors of premium solid wood kitchen cabinets for kitchen, we have select colors for you to choose from. Buy your kitchen cabinets from I-Maxx Exchange and use the tips given above to give your kitchen the upgrade it needs!
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