When Should You Replace Your Old Kitchen Cabinets?

At one point in time, you’re going to walk into your kitchen, take a good long look at the cabinets, and think about how badly they need to be replaced. This is completely natural, especially if the cabinetry in your kitchen is old. The fact of the matter is that the cabinets are a very central, eye-catching aspect of the interior décor of your kitchen, so if they look worn and run-down, it doesn’t reflect well on the appearance of the kitchen as a whole. On average, you’ll find that after roughly between twenty to thirty years, your cabinets will start showing signs of age. However, it’s just as likely that they start looking a little rough around the edges even earlier, particularly if some form of damage is involved. If any of the following signs of wear are noticeable in your kitchen cabinetry, then it’s a surefire sign that your cabinets are in dire need of replacement:
  • If the structure of the cabinet seems to be damaged, with rotted frames, soft or moldy wood, or pest-related wear and tear. Your wooden cabinet may be falling apart at the seams, often making it impossible to carry out repairs due to the wood being too worn to handle any drilling for the purposes of mounting hinges.
  • Funky smells are a good way to tell that something is not right. Consistently bad odor from your kitchen cabinets that won’t go away no matter what you do means you need to invest in some replacement cabinetry.
  • With wooden cabinets, another issue can be the potential for water damage. If the cabinets have dark spots, and seem to be swollen and aren’t closing properly, then it’s very likely that water damage is the problem. This isn’t something you can repair, so replacement is your best bet.

euro-style kitchen cabinets

If it looks like it’s about time to replace the cabinetry in your kitchen, then you’re going to have to start looking into new cabinets that fit within the overall design of your kitchen. That’s where I-Maxx Exchange can help—we offer customers a vast range of styles and colors in cabinetry, including Premium solid wood cabinets and euro style kitchen cabinets. You can take your pick of design, and we can guarantee that you will get a product that is superior in quality, functionality, and offers durability and longevity. What’s more, at I-Maxx Exchange, our prices are fairly reasonable, making it quite the affordable and cost-effective investment. Interested in finding out more about the products we offer? Give us a call at (323) 201-9977.

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