The Classic Choice of Shaker Cabinets

The Classic Choice of Shaker Cabinets

Known by its classic stile-and-rail panel design, the ever-popular shaker style cabinet has been a favorite in American homes since the eighteenth century. Simple and clean, yet chic in its look, the shaker cabinet is loved by homeowners and expert interior designers alike for its unadorned and elegant appearance. In comparison to other kitchen styles, the option of shaker cabinets—especially white kitchen cabinets has always been utilized as an unintimidating and understated option, since these cabinets are extremely versatile and can be incorporated with traditional and modern or contemporary designs. However, these are not the only factors that make them a worthy investment.

The Popularity of Shaker Cabinets

Going beyond their positive price points and solid base of construction, what makes shaker cabinets so popular is their ease in adjustment for different designs. Shaker cabinets can be stained, painted and improved with hardware to enhance their look for different home décor trends. With their natural wood look, shaker cabinets fit perfectly in traditional homes, especially if they’re painted grey or white. Yet, the same options are the ideal choice for modern and contemporary homes as well. So no matter what the style options, shaker cabinets find their place in whatever home you choose.

Working with Shaker Cabinets – Hardware Style Choices

Basic Knob Options

Traditional style shaker cabinets utilize basic wood knobs and pulls to maintain that flow in design. However, if you’re looking for a more contemporary touch, glass or ceramic knobs would be more to your liking. For modern styles, you can add a bit of visual interest with stainless steel or chrome knobs to complement the straight, symmetrical design of the recessed panel doors.

Different Pulls for Shaker Doors

Usually, shaker cabinets use the knob and pull combination, since it adds variety without looking too overbearing. Keep in mind that with these cabinets, simplicity is the key. So when personalizing your kitchen look, choose hardware that complements the size, thickness and material of your style of cabinets.
  • Bin pulls – the cup-shaped bin pulls are unique in design and lend a vintage feel without overwhelming the otherwise simple look of your cabinets.
  • Tubular bar pull – Thin, round and metallic, these straight-line bars are seamless and lend a modern touch to contemporary designs. If you want to give a more striking effect, choose longer bar pulls so they stand out against the symmetry of the design.
  • Flat bar pull –Like the round bar pull, these pulls are rectangular, flattened and thicket. Available in plenty of designs and finishes, this style of hardware is your best choice for a contemporary look.
  • Arc pull –probably one of the most popular hardware, the arc pulls take aware from the sharpness of the rectangular panels of shaker door cabinets and lend just the right touch of softness.
  • Drop pull with back plate – If your taste is more eclectic, you might want to choose a pull with a black plate. The pull hands from a small square plate that makes it stand out from the overall cabinet design.


As you can see, there are many ways through which you can customize shaker cabinets to fit your style. All you need is the right source for buying kitchen cabinets and an eye for design. With their simplicity in style and quality, these shaker cabinets can serve their purpose by giving your kitchen a powerful yet understated upgrade.
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