Replace or Reface – Giving Your Old Kitchen Cabinets a Makeover

Decisions, decisions! Refurbishing your kitchen cabinets can be frustrating at times, especially if you’re new to the renovation game. With so many gorgeous options on offer, you are tempted to simply rip out those old fixtures and designs and replace them with newer, better models. But is that wise? After all, kitchen cabinets take up nearly 50 percent of your total renovation budget. So be smart and use the following information to figure out whether you should replace your kitchen cabinets entirely, or simply give them a facelift.

Reface or Replace – Here’s what you need to Know

When Should You Opt for Kitchen Cabinet Refacing?

Refacing can be a good choice if you’re worried about money and stress. This is all about giving your kitchen a whole new makeover but at a lower cost. Comparing the option to a complete overhaul, refacing cuts down the overall costs of improvements by half. In addition, it involves a lot less stress and lesser time for renovations. Since the process doesn’t involve complete removal of all your appliances, this option serves as a more functional choice.

What’s involved in a Kitchen Cabinet Reface?

You can use this option in three ways; paint or refinish the existing cabinet doors or drawer fronts, install a laminate veneer on the cabinet doors or drawer fronts or completely replace new doors and fronts for your cabinets and drawers. Depending on the option you choose, the following should help you enhance the look further.

The Little Details

If you decide to reface your kitchen cabinets, add a little oomph to the look by installing newer hardware. Knobs, widgets and pulls contribute a lot to the overall look of your kitchen cabinets. Use the opportunity and swap those traditional fixtures with contemporary or modern counterparts to give your cabinets an aesthetically pleasing finishing look.

Inner Beauty

Refresh your interiors as well when you renovate. Give the insides a paint job or have them sanded and veneered for a new look. To top it off, add some functional components like rotating shelves and pull-out drawers to improve their practical purpose.

When Should You Opt for Kitchen Cabinet Replacement?

Though refacing is clearly a less-expensive option, you can reconsider your choices if you want to renovate your kitchen from its bare bones. For instance, if your kitchen has low-quality cabinets, it makes sense to replace them altogether, rather than reface them. Also, if your kitchen cabinets have wear and tear or damage from any plumbing problems or faulty construction, this option may serve a better purpose. Factor in your home’s age when planning any renovations. Home built prior to the 1990s used considerably different material than now. You may need to think ahead if there are any complexities in the layout.

What Should You Do Next?

Whether you’re refacing or replacing, the only way you can actually make a difference to your kitchen if by buying your cabinets from a reliable manufacturer of quality kitchen cabinetry. I-Maxx Exchange offers gorgeous inexpensive cabinets of the highest quality to match your style and aesthetic. Our Cambridge Cabinetry features an upgraded collection of Shaker White Cabinets and Espresso cabinets with increased core thickness and durability. Contact us if you’d like to upgrade your home with quality kitchen cabinets and doors.
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