Refacing or Replacing – The Best Options for Your Kitchen Cabinets

So you’re thinking about giving your kitchen cabinets a makeover and you’re a bit confused about your options. You could go the easy way and just replace the knobs and pulls. But are you sure your cabinets aren’t due for a complete overhaul? Still, if you haven’t made your choice yet, you can count on us to help you out:

When Should You Replace Your Cabinets?

  • Your Older Cabinets are Cheap

If you’ve just moved into a house that has low-grade, cheap looking cabinets, replace instead of reface. Since the entire structure might likely be made of the same material, refacing the cabinets might turn into a bigger problem i.e. the cabinet structure might not be able to support it.
  • Your Cabinet Structure is Irreparable

Rotten, mold-covered or water-damaged cabinets are a no-go. Clearly the wood has seen better days and is now falling apart at the seams, and is definitely not a candidate for a makeover. With such a structure, refacing would mean that you’ll always be worried about the other material catching that mold and infestation.
  • You’re Changing the Whole Kitchen Layout

Whole Kitchen Layout

You’ll invest in Hana Oak Laminate flooring but won’t shell out a small amount for Euro style cabinets? If you’re changing the entire layout of the house, don’t stop just when you are about to nail that perfect interior design look. Cabinets are already affordable, especially if you buy kitchen cabinets from sources like I-Maxx Exchange. Go all out with your design dreams!

  • The Cabinets are Made from Metal

Yes, metal cabinetry was a thing in the past. While durable, these cabinets aren’t really pretty to look at, especially if you have a wood theme going on in your kitchen. In such cases, it’s much better to replace the cabinets altogether.
  • That Odd Cabinet Smell

Some cabinets just have this stench. It could be because of rot or mold or something worse. A refacing won’t fix the smell; it’ll just change the packaging from which the stench radiates.

When Should You Reface Your Cabinets?

On the other hand, if you’re thinking about replacing those cabinets, here are some situations which absolutely do not warrant such expenditure.
  • You want a lighter finish or color
  • You dislike the style of the cabinet doors
  • The doors or drawers are falling apart
  • You want additional cabinetry of matching design added to the structure
  • You want drawers and cabinets swapped
In all cases, it’s much better to ask a professional in cabinetry to tell you the options for your kitchen cabinets. This way, you’ll be able to redesign your kitchen while staying on budget and will have a more gorgeous kitchen too!
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