Perfect Aesthetics - Kitchen Cabinet Color Combos That Work

We Americans love white kitchens. Sleek, simple and perfectly aesthetic – they’re the best color option for kitchens. But what if you wanted something different, something that would make you stand out? Clearly the best way to do that is by refacing or replacing your kitchen cabinets. Changing the color of your kitchen cabinets is the best way to give it an extra boost. If you are still wondering where to begin, here are some tips you could use to pull off a flawless combination in the kitchen:

darker wood cabinets


1. Copper + White

This color duo gives your kitchen an earthy, refreshing tone. Use darker wood cabinets (or laminate) and go with shades like copper, dark chocolate or chestnut. Add copper utensils or faucets and bring a spark of light with a white mosaic or simple tile wall.

apple green cabinets

2. Apple Green + White + Black

This is more of an industrial combo. With apple green tones, it’s important to use lighter and darker contrasts to bring that minty hue out into the spotlight. If you have larger windows in your kitchen, this might work to your advantage because the natural light will be enough to balance that darkness of black and paleness of the green.  

3. Yellow + Blue Jewel Tones

Yellow cabinets

This powerful combination of egg-yellow and jewel-blue is surely going to make your kitchen stand out. The warmth and brightness of the yellow is juxtaposed by the refreshing and cool blue tones. Light chestnut floors would work perfectly to anchor the room. And to wrap it up, add bright blue and yellow dishes behind glass euro-style cabinets to give the kitchen an ultra-chic modern look.

4. Tan and White

Classic yet modern, this theme uses the combination of subtle colors with contemporary cabinetry styles to produce a classic look that exudes a certain sleek country style. You can add white tiles to give it a bit more splash. But if you want to maintain the theme, install cabinetry of a similar style in different colors to balance out the look.

5. Cocoa Brown + Sage Green

Down-to-earth and soothing to the eyes, this color combo of cocoa brown cabinets and sage green walls and tiles is specifically designed to give your kitchen that home-y look. Speckled countertops and silver fittings and hardware boost the look. Though, if you want a bit of a contrast, you can always add brown or metallic lamps or a non-subtle area rug to really bring the colors together.

Give Your Kitchen a Makeover!

Like what you see? Aside from these, you could go with so many other kitchen cabinet combos. All you need is the right platform to help you get started. I-Maxx Exchange offers a range of options to help your redesign your kitchen, even if you’re on a budget. Come to our showroom or contact us and buy kitchen cabinets for the best choices in flooring and cabinetry!
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