Laminate Flooring Is Far Better Than Hardwood - Here’s why!

Building a home can be an overwhelming experience. But wait till you get to the flooring part! Just like every other stage of home building, you will be inundated with choices. You will be considering practicality, price, durability, and looks of each of the options available to you. American homeowners have simple requirements; they need flooring that is scratch-resistant, lasts a very long time, is safe for babies and pets around the home, and delivers good value for money. The leading options these are laminate and hardwood.

Laminate Flooring

If you are in the market for flooring that can easily endure sunshine, heat, as well as the typical wear and tear that all American homes are subjected to. Laminate flooring is made from layers of high density fibers, making it stronger and more UV resistant than other options. Installation is easy. The laminate floors are fitted using a click-in-place technology. This means you won’t need to use glue and the process will be easy and painless. Laminate flooring is rather affordable. Your total expenses will depend on the number of planks you’ll need for the home, the quality of laminate flooring you purchase and also the installation costs. But over all, you can expect the costs to be a lot less than wood planks.

Hardwood Flooring

Made entirely from sanded and/or treated wood, hardwood flooring can’t retain the shine for long without weekly upkeep and maintenance. You will have to varnish it yourself or hire professionals to do the job. On the other hand, the wear and tear of hardwood floors is fairly comparable to laminate floors. But remember wood is not a good option for homes with kids and pets. This is because wood flooring should never be wet. Extensive water exposure will lead to swelling and expansion, and there goes your investment. It also doesn’t last very well in sunlight. When installing these you will need to put them in using bolsters, and leave some space below for the wood to breathe and swell. Wood flooring is of course, made from real wood. This can seriously increase the prices. Installation services are quite expensive too.

Laminate Flooring Products - Your Best Option!

The decision ultimately comes down to you. How do you want your flooring to function in your home? If you decide to go with laminate flooring, then we have a range of products for you to select from. Here at I-Maxx Exchange Inc. We offer laminate flooring products, premium solid wood cabinets and more for homes across California! Get in touch today. Visit the website to learn more!
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