GRP Products Are Better Than Steel & Aluminum Any Day: We Count All The Reasons Why!

Looking for a fine, high quality product to add a sense of finesse to their surroundings? GRP or Glass Reinforced Plastic might be the ideal cost-friendly and aesthetically-appealing option for you.However, for those of you who have mostly stuck to aluminum or steel for their interior design, we present some reasons that may sway your decision towards this more viable choice.

GRP vs. Aluminum and Steel

1. Weight

As a plastic component, GRP is up to 80% lighter than steel and near 30% lighter than its aluminum counterpart. GRP presents itself as the perfect lightweight option, especially if you’re looking to use more for industrial purposes.

2. Strength

Although GRP is light, its lesser weight doesn’t take away from its strength. In fact, Glass Reinforced Steel has a higher strength to weight ratio, making it stronger than steel, whereas aluminum is predictably low strength.

3. Resistance

Along with being resistant to salt air, ultraviolet light, extreme temperatures and certain chemicals including acids, GRP also has high impact resistance. In comparison to aluminum and steel which can be permanently deformed under impact, GRP offers a chance for temporary damage and restoration.

4. Maintenance

Steel and aluminum require constant maintenance to prevent rust, damage and the usual wear and tear. GRP requires only a bare minimum effort to maintain its pristine look. As such, its structure and fabrication, along with simple maintenance, produces a design life of 50 years.

5. Ergonomic


t’s no secret that steel and aluminum do not present any choice when it comes to ergonomic appeal. Because of its structure, steel causes more problems especially if it is used underfoot, whereas aluminum simply has no ergonomic properties. GRP, on the other hand, has an innate elasticity that produces a softer feel when used as a building option.

6. Cost

For both steel and aluminum, their maintenance costs far outweigh that of their initial material costs. Since GRP does not require any rigorous maintenance, its installation and maintenance costs work in favor of those using it for industrial applications.


In short, Glass Reinforced Plastic is an ideal and conventional option; we are your choice if you’re looking to buy! As favorites for customers seeking choices in European style interior design for their kitchens and other rooms, I-Maxx Exchange has everything you require! From solid wood cabinets to GRP products and Dekowall, we offer all for your architectural needs. Call us at 323-201-9977 or email us at today to learn more about our versatile products.
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