Going Au Naturel with Nature – The New Way to Do Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Forget white cabinets, forget finishes and forget shiny copper hinges and hardware! The sun rises, its rays reflecting off your simple stainless steel kitchen appliances. The wood of your cabinets positively gleams in its natural beauty, combining the starkness of your marble countertops with its beige hues. 

Its perfection is only amplified by the sharp contrast of your silver appliances which somehow matches the veins and swirls of the gray and white marble of your countertops, making the heart of your home look alive with extravagance and beauty, even though you probably only spent a small fortune on just cabinets. That is the look natural kitchen wood cabinets can help you achieve.

Wooden Kitchen Cabinets

Home Renovation Ways for a Naturally Beautiful Kitchen

  • Go Minimal

With minimalist designs, you’re supposed to create a certain flow that covers both, the cabinets, the walls and the floors. The result must be inviting, warm but simplistic. Combine a flooring option for your kitchen that balances the hue of your cabinets and your walls. For example, if you have white walls, go with an old-style white wood or laminate floors, combined with grey countertops and natural taupe cabinets.


  • Mismatch

There is a certain element of beauty in mismatched kitchen. Clear glass or open cabinets, marble countertops and textured laminate floors are the perfect recipe for a flawed but flawless kitchen.

  • Storybook Mode

A reason why natural wood cabinets are so popular is because of its olden fairytale style look. Think back to the 1920s rural American home where functionality was the name of the game. There, they used a look for their kitchen that truly showed their connection with nature ala homemade wood cabinets.
  • Modern-Esque

If you’d rather go down the opposite path and try a sleek cabin ambiance, natural wooden cabinets would still be the best choice. Draw your inspiration from Norwegian style and imagine washing up and cooking while looking out at the Mountain View. (Hey, you can dream, right!)
  • Match the cabinets

  • Match with the View

Match the cabinets with the hue of the window frames. This will create a clean, crisp look and will pair well with the appliances since it won’t be depending on their color to blend in. However, when buying those appliances, try not to go completely against the overall theme of the room.

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