Flooring Edition: What Does 2018 Have in Store for Us?

Your kitchen floors have more of an influence on your overall design than you think. Sure, you’ve got those gold accents, natural wood cabinet hues and quartz countertops that are so in style in 2018. Flooring Edition 2018

But if you truly want to wrap it all up with a bow, here are some flooring choices that will help you achieve that perfectly flawless look!

Kitchen Flooring Options of 2018

Darker Shades

This works well for kitchens that have lighter paint for walls and cabinets. Choose a dark stain floor, or go all out with laminate to add that special cozy factor without paying those astronomical prices.

From the Floor Up

Instead of using designs and textures for your curtains, go the opposite route and add texture to your floors. Choose a bold design such as the Downtown Oak from our Antigua Collection, and work your way up with lighter shades for your cabinet and fixtures.

Cypress Finish

Cypress wood is usually loved for its availability in shades and lightness. However, it’s not the best option for a kitchen that has heavy traffic. Yet, if you like the look of this particular wood, here’s a solution for you, cypress-style laminate. Choose cabinets that are a shade of the cypress type of wood, and bring that flow downward by adding a laminate that copies the grainy texture of the wood.

WPC Vinyl Floors

This trend will probably extend to 2019 and onwards. WPC floors are one of the most popular choices for floors in the market and are available in numerous styles, from distressed looks to large planks. Ideally used for bathrooms and kitchens, these floors are highly durable, even in water-prone areas and inexpensive as well.

Blanched and Bleached

This is for the minimalists out there. Most people don’t like the dark shades of wood, which is why you’ll be happier with this white-washed choice. The color is mostly leeched out by applying a chemical solution on the surface however; this doesn’t take away from the wood’s overall strength. All you get is a wood with all the strength and beauty of a natural wood plank, just in a different color.

Planning a Renovation?

I-Maxx Exchange has all the flooring options you need. From laminate to WPC, you’ll be spoilt for choice. And that’s not all. We all offer solid wood cabinets among other cabinetry options so you can makeover your whole kitchen, all with our help. Visit our showroom or contact us to know how you can incorporate the above flooring trends in your stylish abode!
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