Easy-To-Install Dekowalls – Your Secret To Stylish Walls!

Wall hangings, frames or even the odd splash of color—there’s just so much a creative home owner can do before they reach their limit on decorating their home walls. But that doesn’t mean they’ve run out of options!

Dekowall by I-Maxx Exchange is a gorgeous laminate that’s particularly designed to bring some design and style to the otherwise plain walls. Easily-installable and available in a number of finishes such as tiles, marbles, bricks and more, Dekowall is affordable and easy on the eyes. But what makes it different from your regular wallpaper?

Dekowall Characteristics


Made from eco-friendly material, each panel of Dekowall is installed through the tongue and groove joinery. As such, these boards do not require any adhesives that otherwise; do their fair share to harm the environment. In fact, these eco-friendly boards emit even less than 0.5mg/L formaldehyde, giving further incentive to buy for those who are concerned about this fact.

Aesthetic Appeal

Each design is available in a large number of wood and stone textures. As such, consumers can easily combine the panels to give their surroundings a more natural look. This is also why Dekowall laminates are widely used for home and commercial purposes.

Versatility of Use

Ideally, Dekowall can be used for a number of spaces such as residential spaces and apartments to office spaces, schools, hospitals and more. It is up to the consumer’s choice. However, if you require assistance, the professionals at I-Maxx Exchange are readily available to receive your call.


As stated above, their adhesive-free process of installation frees us from any hassle of cleaning and maintenance upkeep. Also, because it is a laminate, these wall panels stay clean for long periods of time, and only require a bare minimum of cleaning.

Working with I-Maxx Exchange

Along with gorgeous wall options, we also offer various main product lines for home and industrial uses such as the much sought-after CARB-2 certified HDF Laminate Flooring. In addition, you can also purchase premium solid wood kitchen cabinets, as well as custom-made European style cabinets for the perfect blend of style and taste. All you have to do is call us at 323-201-9977 to learn more about our products. Or email us at sales.imaxxexchange@gmail.com to inquire. We offer our services and expertise to make your personal spaces livelier and stylish!

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