Does Your Kitchen Floor Need a Makeover?

The kitchen cabinet color is fading, the sink doesn’t work as well as it did and you keep hearing that darn clunking sound, and can’t for the life of you find out where it’s coming from. Is it time that your kitchen got the makeover it needed? Let’s find out.

Does Your Kitchen Floor Need a MakeoverGive Your Kitchen a Makeover If…

  • You Have to Store Cookware in your Garage

Cookware and china belongs in the kitchen, not on a shelf in your garage. If you don’t have enough storage space in the room to put your basic items, you might need to expand, and soon. Older kitchens usually don’t have as much useful space, but it’s not impossible to find a solution. Utilize newer appliances, install new cabinets, change the layout of your kitchen if need be; but get some new space in your kitchen so everything can be where it should be.
  • The Sinks Keep Breaking Down

Sinks Keep Breaking DownIf the sink keeps clogging, breaking down or leaking, it needs to go. But keep in mind that when you change your sink, you also change your filters and pipes. However, before you freak out at the price, keep in mind that this can be counted as an investment in your property. Instead of sticking with the pipes that were installed decades ago, you can have a well-developed network that’s adds more to the price of your property.
  • Your Kitchen Cabinets Look Terrible

Don’t wait for the cabinet doors to fall off before considering a change. Over time, the material of the cabinets can weaken, and the hardware can rust. Instead of waiting for a sign from the heavens (like the squeaky sound of the door screws, or leakage or weak panels), replace those cabinets with luxury solid wood cabinets from a reliable company. And keep them free from dust so they retain their look for a longer time. better flooringOver the years, your floors have faced a lot of foot traffic and are now looking a bit too bland and faded. Whether you have high quality tiles or laminate, time can still take its toll on them. While you can hide the damage with rug or two, it’s much better if you install new floors with a simpler design in a lighter hue. Or simply buy better flooring from a source like I-Maxx Exchange.

The Bottom Line

If the main components of your kitchen are past their prime, it may be time for an overhaul. Come to I-Maxx Exchange and search for the best options in kitchen cabinets and flooring to revamp your kitchen and give it a magazine-style makeover!
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