Cabinet Considerations: 7 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors and Combos You Can Try!

  1. You would be surprised at how much of a difference the colors you use in a space can make to the space in question. Colors actually have the ability to influence our moods and energies! The right colors can get you going, the wrong ones being capable of doing quite the opposite. 7 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors and Combos When picking colors for your kitchen, the principle stands the same. Though color and what might appeal to you does invariably boil down to personal preference, there are certain color combinations that just work well for the most part.

7 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors and Combos

Here are some great combinations you can try out on your cabinets and on your kitchen in general!

Sky and White

A very popular kitchen cabinet combination is sky blue set on a white. Both colors are ideal to give your kitchen a cool and spacey vibe. Further, the sky blue shade also complements the metallic colors of cutlery and appliances well.

Bold with Soft

This combination can be tried with greens blues and even yellows (for those of us more on the creative side). The idea here is to mix a bold version of the same shade with a lighter version. Complementary colors like this make for an extremely visually appealing environment.

Grays and Oranges

Another lovely combination is when dull or mild gray is matched and paired with bright orange. The two contrasting colors bring about the best in each other, the gray going well with other metallic items in the kitchen, with the orange providing visual respite.

Aqua and White

Much like the cooling sky and white, the aqua and white combination helps the space look both cooler and larger. You can have parts of the wall in aqua with solid wood white cabinetry with aqua accentuations or highlights.

cabinets colors black and red

Red and Black

We’re getting a little out of the box here, but believe it; this combination actually goes really well with certain spaces. We’re talking blacks on all your cabinets and as well as the stove tops with strategically placed reds around spaces like the counter.

Lemon and Lime

This combination mixes the cool and calming effect of lime green with the exciting and energizing lemon yellow adding contrast. You can find quality cabinets for sale which can be purchased in colors of your choice or painted on according to your personal preference.

Blues and Yellows

Last but not least we have our blue and yellow combination. Again, the blues here complement the loud and energetic yellows with their cooling affect. Blue and yellow is a known effective combination. But that on your cabinets and you’ll have a cabinets worth bragging about.


Though these are some brilliant combinations you can try with your kitchen cabinetry, you could even see what other colors are available to you if you purchase pre-made high quality kitchen wood cabinets. Just remember, the colors you introduce into your kitchen, especially those on your cabinets do a lot by way of aesthetic!
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