Be the Envy of your Neighbors—Eat-In Kitchen with White Cabinetry

You must pay a lot of attention when designing your kitchen. After all, it is the most used room of the house and can increase the curb appeal by a great deal. It doesn’t matter how good the kitchen looks or how expensive the appliances are, if it is poor on the functionality, the design is a fail. A great kitchen design combines aesthetics with functionality, and enables you to work efficiently and safely. A well-designed kitchen will surely become the favorite place of the entire family, along with guests that come to visit. Here’s why you should consider investing in eat-in kitchen with white cabinetry:

Eat-In Kitchen

Eat-in kitchens provide a great place for the family and guests to hang out while the dinner is being cooked. It can also function as an additional space for food preparation before the meal. It may seem like an eat-in kitchen will cram the space of your kitchen, but in fact, it will do quite the opposite. First of all, it will eliminate the extra space that your dining table occupies. This will result in a larger living room, etc. Secondly, eat-in kitchen aren’t restricted to one configuration. You can put a kitchen table or use a counter to function as a table. You can add as many chairs as you like, to ensure that the open floor space in the kitchen is occupied. You can also try out a few other variations by removing the walls of your kitchen. So, an eat-in kitchen is actually utilizing the kitchen floor well, rather than cramming it.  

White Cabinetry

Nothing stands out like the therapeutic effects of white cabinetry in kitchen. White has been the popular color when it comes to kitchen vanity and for good reasons.

It goes with everything

White kitchen goes with any theme or decor that you want in your home. It is really difficult to mix colors and make everything come together, without looking to busy. This is why white kitchen is perfect. It takes the center stage without overwhelming the entire homed decor.

It makes the room look spacious

This is the reason why white cabinetry goes well with eat-in kitchens. If you are concerned that an eat-kitchen will look crammed, then white cabinets is something that you must consider. White is a color that is used by a lot of decorators to make small rooms look more spacious.

Brighten up the house

Natural light is something that everyone wants in the house. It brightens up the house as well as the mood of the people in it. White cabinets reflect natural light well due to their naturally bight color. This will make your kitchen look beautiful and grab a lot attention, surely making it the envy of your neighbors. Bring your kitchen to life with the classic Shaker White cabinets, or bring a more antique look with Charleston Antique White cabinets. Find them in our quality solid wood kitchen cabinet collection for kitchens. Feel free to contact us for any inquires or order placement.
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