A Tale of Wood: Which Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet Design Should You Choose?

While there is a wide range of solid wood available when it comes to shopping for solid wood kitchen cabinets, there’s one option that rules above the rest. We are of course, talking about birch wood.

Solid Wood Kitchen Cabinet Design

The Unique Quality of Birch

Darker in shade than your average maple, birch is highly durable and is often mistaken for a more expensive wood, mainly because of its fine-grain feature and overall look. When stained, birch sustains a certain faux dark look that we only get from cherry and maple. By combining birch with certain designs, we get some cabinetry that not only maintains its beauty throughout the years but also its worth. The perfect cherry on top with this style of wood though is that even with all these features, birch is perhaps one of the most affordable wood out there.

Being a Smart Birch Buyer – What to Know

Birch is widely used in semi-custom and stock lines. As a company that presents a gorgeous line of birch wood kitchen cabinets, we know a thing or two about birch and what it means to buy quality birch. Here are some factors that can help you get your money’s worth.

Go with the Pro

The key to achieving that gorgeous kitchen design is the material you put in that remodel. Always hire a reliable installer and choose quality cabinet options for your kitchen. Remember, it’s the heart of your home. It deserves a bit of pampering.

Find that Perfect Finish

When buying solid wood cabinets, always check the finish and make sure it’s clear, the seams are treated and a top quality top seal has been applied. This will ensure the quality of the cabinets while preventing any stains from seeping through to the wood grain.

It’s What’s inside That Counts

Let’s say that you’re shopping at I-Maxx Exchange for some wooden shaker-style kitchen cabinets. The first thing we’d suggest you do when looking for quality markers is to run your hand on the inside of the wood frame. High quality wood cabinet doors will always have a smooth finish. Other options will be splintery, rough and raw-looking.

Buy birch

Check the Hinges

Next, we’d ask you to move the cabinet doors and check the hinges and other moving parts. Any brand-name supplier will always use high-quality hardware to ensure that there’s no sound. No sound equals to no rust. No rust equals a long duration before you’ll have to replace those falling cabinets.

Buy Birch from I-Maxx Exchange!

We’re quite proud of our Cambridge collection, a solid wood cabinet selection that is designed using birch wood and high quality hardware and materials. If you’re into Birch, buy from us today! You won’t regret it!
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