A Chef Is Only As Good As His Kitchen

Remember Dexter’s Laboratory? Just like Dexter, his mom’s lab was the kitchen. Everything was organized and placed where she wanted it to be. But more than that, it was her workstation. Instead of chemicals, she had different ingredients and flavorings stored away in cabinets and drawers. Her most used ingredient for baking pies? Love. If the secret ingredient to making a delicious, hearty meal is love, then the secret to a good kitchen is amazing furnishing. From beautiful European-style wooden cabinets, to the gorgeous, sleek countertops; a chef is only as good as his kitchen! Whether you’re looking for something contemporary or with a traditional touch, European-style kitchens combine both simplistic designs with intricate patterns, to create a unique, out-of-this-world look!

The Definition of Simple and Sophisticated

A chef needs to be organized in order to come up with something incredible. A crowded kitchen only adds as a distraction. The last thing you want is to deal with is fumbling through drawers, only to get frustrated and confused because there are too many drawers! European kitchens are simple and sophisticated. They come equipped with spacious drawers that are easy to use, without worrying about having to cram everything together! On top that, there aren’t several drawers to distract and frustrate you, only spacious ones that can be easily organized.

Stunning Workmanship and Cabinetry

needs cabinets to organize

A kitchen without proper cabinetry is like a garden without grass. It is the most prominent feature of any kitchen, and a chef needs cabinets to organize his tools and ingredients. Proper kitchen countertops that are the right size and proportions are also essential, to ensure that no mishaps occur during prep time. With beautiful intricate designs, frameless and knob-less hinges, equipped with the highest quality materials, European cabinets are a spotlight-stealer. Along with high quality workmanship, they pack a punch with their intricate styling and horizontal graining that Europe is known for. Perhaps the best thing about European kitchens is that they don’t come in a specific size, like American ones. This makes them highly versatile, adaptable and flexible. This means that your kitchen will be customized according to your requirements! From acrylic/UV high-glossy to lacquer, there are a variety of choices for finishes and styles for the type of cabinetry you want! And since Europeankitchen cabinets are flexible, you can always add or subtract them to the space, without compromising the interior design! Remember, a kitchen is a chef’s workstation and a workstation should be stylish, elaborate, and should be equipped with all the essentials you need! If you are looking for ways to enhance the overall look of your kitchen, there’s no need to fret! I-Maxx Exchange Inc offers beautiful European-style kitchen cabinets, with high quality craftsmanship. Feel free to contact us for further details, or browse through our European style kitchen cabinets.

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