7 Creative Storage Designs for a Small Kitchen

You know you’ve come far along on the cooking journey when you realize there’s not enough space for all your important equipment and ingredients on the countertops and in those shelves. 

As someone who enjoys the finer things in life i.e. food and cooking, you know that you can never have enough space in your kitchen. However, this doesn’t mean that you should simply begin ripping out your old cabinets for newer ones that are bigger and have more space. As much as we’d love to support you on this kitchen renovation adventure, we want you to make a wise purchase. This is why we’ll give you some smart kitchen redesign that won’t cost you a small (read: huge) fortune and will still offer the storage space you need!

Floating Shelves

1. Open, Floating Shelves

This might not be the best option if you live in a windy location that brings in a lot of dust. But otherwise, you’re good to go. Open shelving gives you a lot of space to store your dishes and glass collection. Simply squeeze these in beside your windows and you’ll have more space left from the other cabinets to store all your sweets and spices.

2. Closet Space

Don’t limit space to areas that are just within arms’ reach. Renovate that small closet you have beside the kitchen and add shelves up to the ceiling. Store all the appliances you don’t use in there.

3. Add Some Bins

add some dustbins

And we aren’t talking about recycling bins (although we’d recommend those as well) De-clutter your kitchen by separating your pots and pans, your vegetables and dry ingredients by placing them in bins and adding small tags on them to remember which is which.

4. Hang them All

Designate a special station for your succulents, your baking tins and your mugs for a cute Instagram-worthy spot. Install a hanging rack for your mugs and add a shelf for your pots and pans while you’re at it. Make an effort to make the area look good, and not like you’ve just thrown some things in a corner.

5. Add Some Classic Shelves

Go old-school and install some shaker cabinets or glass panel cabinets to give your cabinetry some style and depth. Learn how to stack all your china properly and display it with pride. Use the leftover shelves for your ingredients.

6. Behind Closed Doors

Have a bit too much to stuff in your drawers? Divide and conquer. Install pull-out wicker baskets for your veggies and fruits, inside space for your pots and cans. You’ll find plenty of inexpensive storage hangers online.

7. Add a Crockery Hanger above the Sink

Wash and hang to dry! These shelves are outfitted for different sizes of plates and crockery so you wouldn’t even have to worry about finding a storage space for your washed, clean dishes.

Want our Help?

Aside from these 7 ways of creating storage in a small kitchen, there are plenty of ways you can utilize to make your kitchen a true chef’s dream. Visit our showroom or contact us. We’ll offer you the solutions and high quality premium solid wood cabinets you need for your kitchen!
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