5 Reasons Why American Homeowners Are Showing Their Love to Laminate!

Laminate Flooring offers durability, adaptability and great value for money. And of course it’s realistic appearance that closely resembles natural materials, doesn’t hurt either! Laminate flooring continues to grow in reputation across American homes. And why wouldn’t it– it can be used in pretty much any room across the house, it’s easy to clean and continues to look amazing year after year, requiring minimum maintenance! Here at I-Maxx Exchange, we are absolutely crazy about laminate flooring, just like the rest of USA. Here are a few reasons why:

1. Pet and Child-Friendly

Laminate flooring products are great for high-traffic homes with pets and children who have a lot going on. It doesn’t fade, stain or wear easily providing high durability for California homeowners.

2. Perfect for Every Room in the House

Entryways, living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms or even the children’s play area, all parts of the modern American home can benefit from laminate flooring. It’s affordable so there is absolutely no need to stress the expenses. Just call us and we’ll layer your entire home with high quality laminate flooring of your choice.

3. Realistic Look and Fantastic Feel

Do you want gorgeous flooring form your home, NOW? Laminate wood tile flooring can be installed and ready to use in a matter of days.

4. Exceptional Value for Your Cash

When you are on a limited budget but don’t want to compromise on good looking flooring for your home, this is a great option! As a California based laminate flooring distributor, we can help you get a great deal on this amazing hardwood alternative. Enjoy the look of hardwood without the sky-high costs!

5. Easy To Clean and Maintain

Dust is easy to wipe-off. All you need are regular cleaning supplies including a broom, a damp mop and of course a vacuum. You can get many years of performance and good looks from laminate flooring without spending inordinate amounts of money on maintenance supplies or professional cleaning.

Updating Your Current Flooring? Give Us A Call!

Why spend money on high-end flooring that also requires high-maintenance when you can enjoy the same good looks at half the price, and double the time! Make sure you protect your investment and call on our expert laminate flooring installation experts to get the job done. Browse through our available selection of laminate flooring products and get in touch with us at 323-201-9977 to find out more about our services for your California home!
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